Wrath of the Righteous

Session 2

Players: Alchemist (3040), Arcanist (3040), Hunter (3040) , Paladin (3040), Slayer (3040)

XP Earned: 1470/1840

Summary: The united party managed to save some mongrelmen, find their village, of Neathholm, and talk to the chieftain. They learned of the horrible fate that the crusades have had on the bloodlines of the crusaders, and agreed to bring word to the surface of the lost children of the crusade. However, a rogue tribe of mongrelmen had aligned themselves with the cultist, and had built their lair between Neathholm and the surface. The party thus made their way to the lair, and fought the evil within.

Siblings in Peril
Session 1a

Players: Alchemist (1200), Arcanist (1200)

XP Earned: 1200

Summary: While our initial heroes fell straight into the catacombs beneath Kenabres, the twins Jynx and Kieran took a detour. They found themselves in what appeared to be a crypt, but after some exploring, realized that the crypt was sliding it’s metaphysical way to the Abyss. They managed to prevent the dretch dragging the crypt from completing his ritual, and exploded into the cavern where the rest of the party rests.

The Fall of Kenabres
Session 1

Players: Hunter (1570) , Paladin (1570), Slayer (1570)

XP Earned: 1570

Summary: Our intrepid heroes had thought that today’s celebration of Armasse would be a day for revelry and excitement. They had not expected to bear witness to the destruction of a wardstone, the death of Telendelev, nor the fall of Kenabres itself. Their terror was cut short by a fall into darkness, where Telendelev’s hastily cast feather fall kept them from an ignoble death. Taking on the protection of three injured civilians, our heroes have begun to traipse the extensive tunnel system underneath Kenabres, in a search for a way back to the surface.

So far, they’ve managed to slay some vermin and purge a forsaken temple of the evil that had overwhelmed it. Taking the campsite of a renegade dwarf mage, our heroes and their charges decided to sleep for a few hours.


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